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Vibro Screen
The core of the VIBRO SCREEN is a special heavy duty and robust motor with out of balance weight at the top and the bottom. Various spiral screening patterns can be obtained by adjusting their lead angle to accommodate different applications.
Hammer Mill Machine
The HAMMER MILL MACHINE is used in a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, cosmetics, and chemical processing. The ability to crush materials into smaller parts is the purpose of the machine in all of these industries.
Vibro Separator
The VIBRO SEPARATOR is the first machine to be installed in a plant. It can separate both coarse and fine dust from within the goods. It keeps the next cleaner from being clogged and makes the work of the other machine easier.
Industrial Pulverizer
An INDUSTRIAL PULVERIZER is a mechanical device that is used to grind a variety of materials. It has a wide range of industrial applications and has simplified many operations. Many industries have benefited from the use of pulverizers because it increases production.
Industrial Blender
The food, plastic, chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral, etc., industries all use the INDUSTRIAL BLENDER to mix a variety of substances. To follow various established industrial quality norms, this range of blender is designed and manufactured using high quality components and cutting-edge technology.
Industrial Rotary Air Lock Valve
INDUSTRIAL ROTARY AIR LOCK VALVE is the type of valve, which is used in both pressure and vacuum pneumatic conveying systems. It act as a lock to avoid air leakage while still serving critical material handling functions.

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